The Brothers Gruff Bio

"THE BROTHERS GRUFF" were together from 2005-2007. You might see them play once a year at a local Pennsylvania club.

Simply put, Dave Devlin & the Brothers Gruff signature sound is organic and raw. It can be compared to that of an early Elvis Costello, Radiohead and the ever so rockin’ Clash. Their song palette ranges from Top 40 Pop to College Alternative yet finds a way to defy such labels. Like the Beatles, Dave Devlin & the Brothers Gruff likes to mix styles and tempos to instigate a novel breed of sounds, which has been demonstrated on Dave’s freshman release and their sophomore release, The Stand, out now on Gravity Records. Dave currently tours venues from clubs to colleges to festivals within the Northeastern U.S. and amasses an eclectic audience of notable size wherever he plays.

Past Brother's Gruff

Craig Kaplan >  Summer of 2006
Code name  - GREGORIO

Craig plays a mean bass and was a fun guy to jam with. His love of Primus will not be forgotten!

Frank Scheurer >  2004 to 2005; Fall 2006 to present
Code name - The Tank

The frankie shuffle is a sight to see! Frank is our present bass player!

Josh Flagg > Played on record and here and there.
Code name - none

Josh sits in with us whenever he is in town. He presently records and plays with the band LP.

Dan Gober >  2006

Dan sang backups on Bleed and plays with us whenever the Whiskey starts a flowing. Great Songwriter, guitar player and friend of the band. Check him out here.